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Church Point Nova ScotiaHello, we are the Saulnier family and we're from Church Point Nova Scotia.

We moved out west to build a better future for our children, a place where they can further their studies and work in the same province. This will keep our family together.

Marcel has a lot of knowledge regarding lobsters as he use to operate a holing facility in Nova Scotia. This facility held 250 000 pounds of lobster. Me (Joceline) I’m a red seal chef by trade.

All the meals and the in store catering are done with our products. Our fresh seafood comes from Southwest Nova Scotia and is flown in up to three times a week. Our fresh seafood showcase is 16 feet long and we also have a very large lobster tank, ensuring you a large selection whenever you stop by. No slim pickins here!

The catch of the day is what we get in our shipment; the stock will vary from shipment to shipment. Fresh is always the best!!

You can view our product list by clicking on the "Shopping List" link above,it is presented in rich PDF format and will give you an idealobster boats in harbour what we carry. Not everything is listed because we also have seasonal products. For example; steamer clams, Yellow Fin Tuna, Swordfish, Mahi Mahi, Shark etc… LIVE Lobsters is one of the main shellfish we carry.

We do ship live or cooked lobsters by plane or by truck, for company parties and also for just need lobster parties!! We have all the packing boxes and gel pack for the trip. If you live in the city our surrounding area we will deliver to your door.

An East Coaster who moved to the land-locked Praires opened her own business for a taste of home. Click Here to watch CTV Video.

We hope to see you soon!

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