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Steamed Lobster

Joceline's Mussels in white wine

Shellfish Marinate

Seafood Chowder

Baked Haddock

Deep Fried Fish Tacos


mussels and shrimp




Cooking Tips

We all know seafood is very delicate, but you must know it has to be cooked quickly.

When cooking seafood you will start with a hot pan, place seafood in the pan on medium high sear with butter (not margarine) pepper no salt(fresh from the ocean you will not need salt), when seared turn over and place heat on medium low, sear the other side .Now both sides are seared you can toss in pan until cooked !Check to see if your seafood it done cut 1 scallop to see if transparent if not it is done, but remember scallops are better just cooked about 7 till 10 minutes. Fish all you have to do is the same procedure, but to check it press on the fillet if it breaks the fish is done.

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