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Recipes ~ Steamed Lobster

Although most people will boil their lobster, we obtain much better results steaming it. For a succulent tasty meat, try steaming.

steamed lobster
Place pot on stove with 1 heaping table spoon of sea salt, with no more than 1 to 1 ½ inch of water. When this boils remove rubber bands from the lobster. Place lobster on the steaming rack and when it returns to a boil this is when you start timing. See below for steaming times. After they're cooked, run cold water under the body and tail to stop the cooking process.


Steaming Times
1 Lb 16 Mins
1.5 Lbs 20 Mins
2 Lbs 24 Mins
2.5 Lbs 28 Mins
3.0 Lbs 31 Mins

Now draw up that butter and enjoy!


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